Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Makes Your Computer Slow ?

Are you asking the common question "Why is my computer running slow?" This will be by most computer users after they have been using their new computer for a while. If you want to resolve this problem, then you need to be reading this article. The problem of the slow running computer will usually come down to three main reasons. Looking first at the computer registry. Next checking for a virus that might have infected the system to scanning for malware such as adware or spyware.

It has been found that the main reason for a slow running computer stems from problems that are occurring within the registry. When you bring home your new laptop or PC, it runs just great because it is fully optimized. However over a period of time, the registry gets overloaded and cluttered as we add new programs and applications. Then conflicts start occurring and files become corrupt and problems such as a decrease in computer performance start to happen. If left untreated, additional problems such as dll error messages and computer crashes will occur.

The problem could be down to three main areas :

1. You could have a virus
This is very serious and I need to stress that you need to check out this possibility as soon as possible. If you do not check this out, you could end up with having to get your hard drive reformatted and losing the information on the hard drive. Most people do not make backups and it's always the vital stuff that is lost in these cases. I have learnt this important lesson, but it always comes with a cost. The simplest way to check is to download a virus checker software. A excellent free one and which I recommend is called AVG.

2. You could have been infected with Adware and Spyware
Your operating system could have been infected with spyware or adware. Have you recently downloaded music. This is one of the most common reasons for being infected with this type of malware. The best way to fix this is to run a free scan or download with a top spyware adware remover program such as noadware. This lets you view the files that are causing the slow running operating problems.

3. You could have problems with your computer registry
This is one of the main reasons for a slow running computer. The computer registry is such an important database that is vital to the optimum performance of your computer. When we first purchase the computer , the registry is running at the best performance. However as time passes, we install new applications or programs and eventually overload the registry. This causes the slowing down or decreasing of the computer performance. If allowed to continue , your computer will eventually crash. The best and simplest way to sort out this exasperating problem, is to run a free scan with one of the top registry repair programs. This will list the problem files that need to be deleted in order to bring the computer back to optimum performance. You could try and fix the registry problems yourself, but don't try this unless you are so sure of deleting the correct files. If not you could end up with a useless computer that needs expensive repairs. The software is simple and safe to use and you don't have to have a degree in order to use it. In addition, the top products will also provide support to help you through any problems that you encounter.

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