Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3 Steps to Profitable Business Blogging

Business Blogging differs from traditional blogging as we know it. In the past blogs were used primarily as platforms on which to express ideas, opinions, and experiences. However as the internet has evolved so have blogs.

Recognizing their growing popularity with internet viewers many bloggers have taken to use their platforms as a means to more actively promote for a profit. The ability to passively advertise to loyal readers while still supplying them the useful content they've come to expect has proven to be a very effective promotional marketing approach.

If you want to make money blogging there are 3 steps in which you'll need to pay close attention to when you create a blog.

1. Layout
Choose a layout or template that best reflects you or the blog theme. When you first create a blog make sure your site is easy to navigate. It is recommended that you also make readily available to your readers your most popular posts. Put them into a separate category or tab for easy access.

2. Fresh Quality Content
Aside from traffic this area is what sustains the life of your blog. If you don't believe that, take a break from posting on your blog for a while and watch the subscriber based decrease. With that said POST FREQUENTLY to keep both readers and the search engines coming back for more fresh content. Your post obviously must be related to the overall theme or purpose on which you chose to blog. Make sure your posts stimulate or reward your readers in some fashion such as useful information or entertaining insights. Be sure the content you post reflects your feelings or personality. Remember there's only one you so unleash yourself and let your personality hang out. This is one factor that will distinguish your blog from the rest.

3. Advertising on Your Blog
With a steady flow of traffic and a good loyal following now in place this is the time to introduce a little creative advertising. If your blog is popular enough you can possibly rent out space to advertisers related to your niche. Take caution not to place too many advertisements on your site. This will disrupt the original flow and feel of your blog that readers have become accustom to. The 'suggestion' of a product within the body of one of your post is another approach you can use to make money blogging. Be sure the product, like any creative advertising you may use, is related to what you're blogging on and can be useful to your readers. With reader loyalty you have also gained their trust and faith in you as an authority on the subject matter of your blog. Be careful not to abuse this by overly frequent sales pitches or offering inappropriate or inferior products. REMEMBER your objective is to supply helpful content FIRST. This is why these readers subscribed to begin with. As you can see business blogging involves a delicate mix between the trust of your readers and your promotional efforts. Always remember to serve your readers FIRST with the good content they've come to expect. Your promotional marketing efforts should always assume a lower profile!

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