Saturday, June 6, 2009

5 Additional Programs for Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is a file manager of Windows. Since Windows 98 until Windows Vista is almost no extra features in Windows Explorer. Now, with five add-ons below you can add a variety of new features in Windows Explorer :

1. Folder Size
By default Windows Explorer, Folder Size only displays the size of file. By using this, you can display the size information of folder or size.

2. QTTabBar
QTTabBar will add the features tab in Windows Explorer as a tab in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7. QTTTabBar also has a variety of plugins which you can download from the authorized site.

3. Explorer Breadcrumbs
With Explorer Breadcrumbs will make you easier to explore in each hierarchy of folders in Windows Explorer.

4. TeraCopy
By default you will not be able to pause, resume, error recovery process in copy and paste in Windows Explorer. Now, with this add on you can do it.

5. Styler
Styler is used to enhance your toolbar display in Windows Explorer. You can change your appearance to be like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS.

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