Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Favourite Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is my favorite browser. One of the main reasons is so many free add-ons that can be added to enrich the features of my Firefox. This is surely different with the Internet Explorer and Opera, which only have a few choice add-ons or plugins. Below are 10 important add-ons for the "convenience" in your surfing activity:

1. Adblock Plus
So many ads on a web page, Besides its so disrupt the process will also slow loading web pages. With this add-ons you can block the ads, both text ads and image ads (banner).

2. Flashblock
Used to block flash. Suitable for you who use the low speed internet connection.

3. Tab Scobe
To display the preview of a web page, similar with the Opera's preview features.

4. Screengrab
With this add-ons you can make screenshoot display of a web page.

5. DownloadHelper
With this add-ons you can download videos from hundreds of video sites on the Internet such as Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, Yahoo Video, etc. directly from Firefox, without special assistance from download manager.

6. Foxmarks
With this add-ons you can synchronize bookmarks (list of sites that are saved as a favorite). Suitable for your normal internet access from many places, such as office, home, cafe, etc..
7. GreaseMonkey
With GreaseMoney you can customize a site, for example, by pass Rapidshare download countdown, to block the ads on GMail, create dropdown Gmail login page, etc..
8. FlashGot
This is a firefox add-ons that integrate with your favorite download manager. You can combine FlashGot with FlashGet, BitComet, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, MassDownloader, etc..

9. Tab Mix Plus
This Add-ons will add many new features mainly related to the tab, for example, create a duplicate tab, lock tab, the focus, restore the closed tab, etc..
10. Fast Dial
With this add-ons you can open a new tab that contains a thumbnail of your favorite sites.

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