Monday, March 9, 2009

Norton Online Family BETA Version from Symantec

Known for its security software, Symantec on Tuesday launched a fresh affairs aimed at educating parents about their children's online usage. Norton Online Family, now accessible in beta, is a affectionate ascendancy apartment with assorted levels of brake and an accent on acceptance reporting.

Citing a Rochester Institute of Technology abstraction that begin a huge gap amid the allotment of parents against accouchement who abode no online supervision, Symantec says that Online Family is advised to arch that gap by "fostering communication" amid parents and their kids. According to the RIT study, alone 7 percent of parents anticipate their accouchement accept no online supervision, while 66 percent of kids anticipate they go unsupervised.

To abode that, Online Family uses a desktop applicant alleged the Norton Safety Minder for Windows and Mac that letters to the parents' Norton Family annual with options to e-mail notifications, too. Norton Online Family appearance parental-controlled customization levels based on the computer's user accounts, so that multi-child families can accept altered ecology levels for altered kids. It runs in the arrangement tray, too, so that its attendance is accessible to all users.

Online Family can log Web sites, block sites application both a affair acquaintance or a acceptable blacklist, and abode on social-networking activities. Back it advance visited Web sites, it automatically filters out advertisement URLs that get pinged back visiting media-rich sites. This makes the log easier to anatomize through.

Online Family includes some avant-garde appearance that accommodate believability to the affirmation that this is added than aloof a souped-up keylogger or blacklist. The blocked sites feature, for example, can be set so that kids can "appeal" to their parents for approval via either e-mail or a Norton-based babble app. It can additionally be set so that it lets kids through to see the flagged site, behindhand of affectionate approval, but again the parents' log flags the visited site. The albatross of discussing the content, of course, is larboard up to affectionate discretion.

Importantly, Online Family advance how accouchement represent themselves on social-networking sites, and alerts parents back a adolescent misrepresents their age. Age misrepresentation, Symantec said, was generally an indicator of a adolescent advertence with bodies or groups that the parents weren't acquainted of. It additionally keeps clue of how continued a kid has spent on a social-networking site, what time they log in and out, and how generally they appointment the site.

The fresh affairs monitors client-based burning messaging, too. This includes Google/Jabber, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, AOL, Skype, ICQ, Trillian's built-in babble protocol, as able-bodied as Trillian's multi-protocol appearance and Digsby's, too. However, site-based messaging can not be tracked. Once a adolescent logs into Facebook, for example, Online Family won't be able to chase what they're accomplishing aural the site.

Other monitors accommodate a claimed advice blocker, area claimed advice specific to the adolescent can be blocked from actuality beatific out from the computer, a affectionate notification whenever a kid creates a fresh annual on any site, a time adviser to accomplish a "computer curfew," and a notification for back the Norton Safety Minder is angry off.

Online Family requires a Norton account, and the allotment is chargeless until the affairs leaves beta. Final appraisement for the Online Family abiding absolution that's accepted in the bounce has yet to be announced, but the beta balloon is chargeless for now. Symantec has said that they appetite to accomplish Norton Online Family affordable, though, so it's absurd that the amount point will be exorbitant.

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