Monday, March 9, 2009

Facebook Hit by ‘Error Check System’ Attack

A fresh allotment of malware authoritative the circuit on Facebook falsely warns users that their accompany accept had problems examination their profiles, assuming the abeyant to abduct claimed advice from users.

The rogue application, dubbed "Error Check System," was declared Monday by aegis close Sophos' Graham Cluley in a blog posting. The archetypal absurdity bulletin reads "(Friend's name) has faced some errors back blockage your contour View The Errors Message."

But the warnings are affected and a viral attack to advance the appliance and recruit added Facebook users, Cluley wrote. While adage that there is no affirmation of claimed advice theft, Cluley acclaimed that utilizing an absurdity bulletin about the recipient's contour was "sneaky."

"This is an important admonition to all Facebook users that they charge exercise attention about which third-party applications they install on their profile, and anybody should bethink that Facebook does not accept applications afore they are fabricated accessible on their site," Cluley wrote. "You absolutely are putting your assurance in complete strangers back you add that abutting appliance to your Facebook profile."

However, non-Facebook associates are at accident as well. A Web chase of "Error Check System" will crop a articulation to a armpit that contains cipher that will admit a affected virus browse and try to fool users into installing malware bearded as antivirus software, Cluley wrote in a additional blog. Sophos articular the malware as Sus/FakeAV-A and Troj/FakeAV-LL.

"The anguish is that in abounding people's blitz to acquisition out added about the apprehensive application's behaviour on Facebook they may able-bodied run beeline into a scareware author's trap," Cluley wrote. However, he noted, "Is it accessible that the aboriginal Facebook appliance was absolutely a red herring, and the absolute alarming burden came from bodies Googling for information?"

Facebook users already adulterated by the appliance can uninstall it by application the Edit tab in the Applications area of their Facebook profile.

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