Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple Debuts Upcoming iPhone 3.0 Software

Apple has afford light on what will be content in its upcoming iPhone software update.

The company said on Tuesday that it would be releasing the iPhone 3.0 package as a beta version for developers. Apple is currently hoping to accept the 3.0 update accessible for customer purchase this summer at a amount of $9.95.

For that price, users will be given a number of new features, most notable support for MMS messaging and the ability to cut and paste text, a common gripe amongst iPhone owners.

Additionally, Developers will be given access to a number of new API's, including the ability to play a user's iPod library within an application and the ability to use push notification to alert users.

"The new iPhone OS 3.0 is a major software release packed with incredible new features and innovations for iPhone customers and developers alike," proclaimed Apple worldwide product marketing senior vice president, Philip Schiller. "It will keep us years ahead of the competition."

Other planned updates include support for stereo Bluetooth devices, voice memo recording, and support for Apple's Spotlight search tool.

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